A Day in the Life of a Manatee: Behind the Scenes of Our Scenic Boat Tours

Hey there! Rise and shine with us at 9:30am sharp, because we’re about to kick off an epic marine adventure that’ll have you up close and personal with manatees and dolphins. As the first light of day tickles the water, we’re excited to begin our tours. We’re not just spectators in our boats, though. No way! We’ll be venturing through the calm waters of Ponte Inlet, getting a behind-the-scenes peek at the daily life of these fantastic creatures. From what they’re chowing down on for breakfast to why they’re so crucial to our oceans – our guides have all the cool facts. So, ready for a wild, fun, and slightly different kind of adventure? Let’s get this show on the road!

The Manatees Wake Up, and So Do We

As our first boat tour sets off, we find ourselves immersed in the aquatic world of the dolphins and manatees, their activities already in full swing. Dolphins, known for their playful demeanor, contrast beautifully with the serene existence of the manatees, these gentle giants of the waterways. The rising sun and peaceful morning ambiance provide an unbeatable backdrop to observe these creatures. We get to experience their daily routines – feeding, engaging in playful behavior, or simply gliding through the water, each action a spectacle. However, our excursions aim for more than just securing the perfect sighting opportunity. Our belief is rooted in experiencing the natural rhythms of these aquatic beings, understanding their interactions with each other, and their symbiotic relationship with their environment. By commencing our tours with the day’s dawning, we become privileged spectators, witnessing the aquatic world as it comes alive with the activities of dolphins and manatees.

Before You Climb Aboard

Here’s the thing – there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes before you even set foot on our boats. Safety checks? Absolutely. Getting the latest on manatee sightings and weather conditions? Of course. It’s all part of the service. We’re dedicated to giving you a tour that’s as educational as it is exciting. That means making sure you get the best possible view of our Floridian marine life.

Okay, let’s talk about what happens before you lace up your boat shoes. You see, running a tour is a bit like setting up for a concert. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that you don’t usually see. But we think it’s important you know the steps we take to ensure out scenic tours run smoothly. So, let’s take a little behind-the-scenes tour.

First off, safety. It’s not just a buzzword for us – it’s our holy grail. We check and double-check every nook and cranny of our boats, ensuring that everything’s shipshape. It’s like our pre-flight ritual, only with more seagulls around! Then we check out what’s happening with the day’s weather. While you’re still enjoying your morning coffee, our crew is out there, keeping an ear to the water. Our crew gets the latest updates on marine life sightings and weather conditions because we always want to be prepared. After all, we want you to see the best of what the day has to offer.

Our Backyard’s Backstory

While manatees are undoubtedly the main attraction, we must remember the stage they’re set upon. Our guides are history buffs eager to share stories of indigenous tribes, explorers, and settlers who play a part in Ponte Inlet’s rich past. As you weave through the waters, you’ll gain an insight into the area’s cultural heritage, making your journey even more memorable.

While the manatees are undoubtedly the star of our show, let’s remember the stage they’re set upon. It’s like watching a movie and marveling at the actors – but also the scenic backgrounds. Our guides are wildlife lovers and history buffs eager to share stories and explore Ponce Inlet’s historical connections. So, when you join us, you’ll get a chance to unravel the vibrant tapestry of our past.

Meeting the Manatees

Now this is the big moment that you came for. There’s nothing quite like watching our marine life come through the water, the manatees playing as they glide, or the dolphins popping up and down on the river. We want to create memories that leave you thinking about them months after you go on our tour.

Our guides are walking manatee encyclopedias. They’ve got the lowdown on everything manatee, and they’re so excited to share it with you. Do you ever wonder how they communicate? Or how long a manatee can hold its breath? Our guides want to answer all the questions you have, creating a front row seat experience of stepping into the life of manatees. You get to see life from their perspective.

We’re Not Just Tourists

Our crew is committed to protecting the manatees as well showing off their lifestyles. Our scenic boat ride strictly follows wildlife practices, which can include not getting too close to the manatees as well as not causing too much of a ruckus that could scare them away.

As a team, we want to ensure we are keeping the waterways safe for our aquatic friends. We hope that our passion for conservation rubs off on our guests.


As the sun begins to set on the day in the life of a manatee, we hope you step off the cruise with not only photos, but also knowledge from our crew, memorable experiences, and a newfound love for our gentle sea cows.

Whether you’re an animal lover, a history enthusiast, or just someone looking for a unique adventure, we’re excited to welcome you aboard the Manatee Scenic Cruise.