About Us

How we started

Captain John and Captain Danielle met while working on the water at different companies in Ponce Inlet, Florida. Their love of the salt water environment was a natural attraction towards each other and forming this company to make a difference in this unique habitat. Living the lifestyle and promoting stewardship of our special estuaries has initiated the idea behind this business.

Why we do what we do

Sharing the beautiful waterways with people from here and far is a rewarding job. We hope to make an impression to every guest that could help them have an understanding and positive action to their own waters and natural environment wherever they are from or where they may go.

About the boat

Cajun Jack II is our custom 21-passenger flat bottom boat which offers outward-facing bench seating for the best possible viewing of local wildlife and waterways. The bright yellow 30′ canopy above offers shading while still being high enough to feel the river breeze. The boat is fun and stable and features a 250 horsepower outboard engine that powers the Cajun Jack to speeds in excess of 40 knots.