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Back to School Daytona Beach Boat Tours with The Manatee!

Back-to-school season is upon us—and here in Ponce Inlet, there are abundant fun, educational opportunities to supplement what your child is learning at school! Read on to see how our Daytona Beach boat tours can help kids (and kids-at-heart, too) stay curious about the world around them.Take a look.

Learn about the local ecosystem

It’s one thing to learn about rivers, oceans and other waterways in school—and another to see these unique ecosystems in real life, so close you can almost touch the surface as you glide along on a relaxing river boat tour! The Manatee takes your family along the beautiful Indian River, where you can soak in scenery from the lush waterfront to mangroves and more. You will have the chance to spot a wide variety of wildlife, from dolphins to manatees and many others, too—and because each boat trip is different from the last, the learning never has to come to an end. 

Embrace your inner history buff

In addition to plenty of opportunities for learning about natural landscapes, a trip aboard The Manatee also provides the chance to embrace your inner history buff—or kick-start this interest in an engaging way! Our river cruise meanders along historic coastlines, past stunning landmarks like the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse (the tallest light in all of Florida), as well as abundant historic homes and other features of note. 

The power of family time

Even aside from the educational insights provided by a Manatee adventure, the mere act of spending time together as a family can help improve your child’s overall outlook and even academic success at school! Studies show that meaningful family time can positively affect academic performance and a host of other metrics, so feel good as you and your family learn and engage in some serious self-betterment—otherwise known as “fun” here on The Manatee!

We hope that these ideas help you and your family enjoy back-to-school season the fullest. Book your tour today for a truly one-of-a-kind opportunity you will never forget.