Daytona Beach Sightseeing: 4 Ideas for Local Family Fun

Daytona Beach is filled with many fun destinations that work well for people both young and old. That makes it an excellent place to stop with your family on your next Florida vacation. Here are four of the most fun things you can do when visiting this area. Focus on these activities to give yourself a grand time.

Other Tours

If you love beautiful wildlife and want to check out what Daytona Beach has to offer, plan manatee boat tours and dolphin tours right away. These trips take you to some of the most beautiful places in the state, providing you with a unique look at a variety of different wildlife. You simply can’t get this kind of experience anywhere else, and it will provide your family with the fun that they need. 

Water Parks 

Looking beyond dolphin tours and manatee boat tours, you can find fun and energetic water parks. Daytona Beach has many parks throughout its city limits, including places like Daytona Lagoon. This acclaimed park includes a myriad of different slides, climbing walls, laser tags, arcades, high ropes, wave pools, a lazy river, and more. Family fun has never been so wet in Daytona Beach!

Surfing School 

After checking out manatee boat tours, dolphin tours, and water parks, your kids (and even you) may want to master surfing. However, it is hard to get out on the waves without a little help. Thankfully, surfing school will take you out on the water and help you master surfing quickly and efficiently. Many kids love this experience and end up becoming lifelong surfing enthusiasts.

Chocolate Factories 

As soon as you tire yourself out with water parks, manatee boat tours, or surfing, why not spoil yourself and your family with some delicious chocolates? Daytona Beach is home to many unique confectionery destinations, including Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory. This spot gives you access to some delicious chocolate that will pair well with a good meal after dolphin tours. 

These engaging family destinations prove something that Daytona Beach residents already know – this is one fun and exciting place to visit! So, if you plan on coming here soon and want to expand beyond past visits, it is a good idea to check out these destinations to get the experience you want and deserve.