How To Enjoy Daytona Beach Sightseeing with A Summer Sunset Cruise This Season

Known for its abundant wildlife, lush nature, rich cultural heritage and scenic views, Daytona Beach is ideal for families, honeymooners and individuals looking for a perfect mix of adventure and relaxation this summer. Aboard The Manatee you get to enjoy all this and more, especially if you decide to book a summer boat cruise offered from June to mid-August.

Breathtaking Sunset views

A Daytona Beach boat tour is an ideal way to view the city’s sunsets and see colors in the sky that can take your breath away and leave you mesmerized. An ordinary evening can instantly become a memorable and special one when you’re aboard The Manatee with your loved ones watching the sun melt into the horizon and eventually fade away.

Florida’s City Lights

As the sun fades away and you settle into the evening, watch the city’s lights gleam and twinkle around you as you cruise in comfort. Historic waterfront homes, the Ponce De Leon Lighthouse and dolphins swimming into the horizon are some of the sights you’ll get to enjoy aboard your Manatee tour.

Relax and Connect with Nature

What better way to rejuvenate yourself than on a scenic boat tour where you get to connect with nature, gaze at the colors of the sunset and enjoy some quality time with cherished company. The two-hour boat tour is a perfect way to end a day full of sightseeing and water activities at Daytona Beach or a beautiful way to start an evening of some local fun and entertainment.

If you’re still figuring out your summer plans, put Daytona Beach on the top of your list because there’s plenty to see and do here for everyone! Don’t forget to book your Summer Sunset Cruise with The Manatee for an experience you won’t forget!