See Interesting Woodland Creatures on a Leisurely Cruise

Some people think the only fun and interesting things to do in Central Florida involve theme parks and Orlando-area attractions. In fact, New Smyrna Beach is bustling with activity. The trick is to think beyond traditional events. When you do, you’ll discover memorable experiences that will delight the whole family.

For instance, did you know that this area is home to a wide variety of native creatures? Some of them you might be familiar with. Others you may have seen in zoos or even photos. Now’s your chance to get up close and personal with some of the most intriguing animals in the world. Read on to discover how to safely and responsibly meet Central Florida’s interesting animal inhabitants.

Friendly Faces  

From squirrels to skunks, raccoons, and more, there are some animals that make more frequent appearances than others. From your seat on The Manatee, you might even see a chipmunk, rabbit, fox, armadillo, opossum, and more. Birds are part of the memorable experience, as well. You could see a large pileated woodpecker. Also, migratory birds are usually present.

Often, gopher turtles can be spotted foraging for food. If you look quickly, you could even make out a Southern black racer. These agile snakes (harmless to humans) move fast to feed on frogs, lizards, and small rodents. The thing is, you just never know what you’re going to see during a leisurely two- hour cruise on-board The Manatee.

Rare Sightings

Have you ever seen a Florida turkey in the wild? Not many have, but they do exist and you can catch them if you look closely. Other reclusive creatures include the Florida black bear, alligators, white-tailed deer, foxes, and more.

One of the best things about booking a relaxing cruise on-board The Manatee is that you’re removed from direct contact with wildlife. Of course, this keeps you safe and protected, but it also allows animals to let their guards down. Creatures that wouldn’t normally show themselves will suddenly appear before your very eyes to provide a rare sighting. Not just everyone gets this kind of experience. It’s one more way The Manatee Cruise is unique among any other Central Florida attraction.

Nocturnal Neighbors

People across the country have long-marveled at all the amazing sights to see from the comfort of their seats on our cruises. While the Intracoastal excursion is hugely popular, many people return for the summer sunset cruise. As darkness takes over, you’ll see how the landscape changes.

For example, this is the time when nocturnal creatures thrive. You could see anything from bats to owls, deer, even moles. You just never know what could show up. The first step is to bring the whole family to this novel cruise. Snacks and drinks are available, plus accessible restrooms, and a spacious sundeck. That means you’ll always enjoy a pleasant Central Florida day or early evening in style and comfort.

Other Intriguing Wildlife

Woodland creatures aside, there are many water lovers visible, as well. That includes dolphins, manatees, whales, and a variety of birds. Keep your camera handy for that once-in-a-lifetime animal encounter. It makes a great souvenir to show to friends back home, and the stories you share will delight any audience.

There’s a good reason why more people seek out a leisurely two-hour cruise aboard The Manatee. Many of our patrons make a point for repeat visits each time they’re in the area. Now, you can get in on all the action and excitement. Browse our website to choose the best outing for you and your loved ones. Then, contact us today to book a cruise you’ll never forget.