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4 Ideas for a Truly Memorable Fourth

Commonly referred to as the Fourth of July or simply “the Fourth,” Independence Day is a time when people across the country come together to celebrate our nation’s birth. This inclusive event has also become a popular vacation tradition for visitors from other nations across the globe.

There’s no wrong way to commemorate the date. Instead, this is a holiday to recognize the powerful significance of freedom and the sacrifices that helped make the American lifestyle possible.

For many people, re-connecting with nature provides a peaceful mood in which to reflect on the many virtues and benefits of life in the United States. Here are some of the most popular ways to plan a memorable and relaxing Independence Day:

1) Host a Patriotic Party

Everyone loves a good party, and there’s no bigger birthday bash than the celebration of our nation’s founding. From backyard barbecues to indoor affairs, the possibilities for innovative entertaining are virtually endless.

If you don’t have the time or desire to plan an on-site party, many local establishments have holiday specials and even themed celebrations to mark the day.

2) Brush Up on History

Independence Day is a great time to help kids understand what makes this country so great. The library has a wealth of information about the early days of American life. Of course, kids can also glean valuable insight by searching for information online.

In addition, many people enjoy watching movies as part their Fourth of July celebrations. Choose films that match your personal style and preferences. From historical documentaries, to more modern movies such as Captain America and The Patriot, you and your guests will feel a heightened sense of national pride. Some families save personal classics specifically for holiday screening, including Air Force One, Independence Day, and more.

3) Attend a Public Event

Fellowship and social interaction are cornerstones of our American democracy. Connect with neighbors and meet new friends by attending regional events. This can be anything from an outdoor concert, public fireworks display, or even a quiet and intimate gathering of like-minded individuals. Such events also present opportunities to get more involved in the community.

In addition, public outings are an ideal time to thank a veteran for their valiant service. When you show your appreciation and support for someone in military fatigues or other clothing (hats, shirts) that indicates their involvement in the armed services, you make them feel proud. This expression of gratitude can also teach children to be thankful and respectful.

4) Log Some Fun in the Sun

As mentioned, Independence Day is a time to reflect on the fortunate lifestyle we live as Americans, and to honor our mutual commitment to and love for the values on which this country was founded. That includes freedom, unity, and a commitment to progress and innovation.

One way to celebrate those values is by bonding with friends and loved ones while gaining a renewed appreciation for Florida nature. When you gather the family for a two-hour tour on The Manatee, everyone will marvel at up-close-and-personal encounters with native wildlife and vegetation.

Best of all, our craft is equipped with a sundeck and on-board restrooms. Snacks and beverages are also available. That means all family members can sit back, relax, and enjoy a peaceful cruise on the water.

Browse the ‘gallery’ section of our website for a glimpse of what you could see on The Manatee. Then, contact us today to book an Independence Day event everyone in the family will be talking about for years.