4 Reasons Why a Manatee Boat Tour Is The Perfect End-Of-Summer Trip For Your Family

With the summer vacations coming to an end and kids gearing up to return to school, life is already beginning to feel hectic once again. But before all the busy schedules and daily hustle bustle kicks in, you may want to consider a Daytona Beach boat tour that will serve as the most memorable way to say goodbye to the summer.

Perfect setting for family bonding

Manatee boat tours in Daytona Beach are extremely family friendly, which means from grandparents to young children, all our welcome. Cruise through the scenic mangrove shores of the Indian River in a safe and comfortable environment and take in breathtaking views that will delight your whole family.

Nature at its best

Who wouldn’t love to see Manatees up close rolling around in the water or witness dolphins swimming into the horizon? You can get to do all that and more aboard The Manatee as you experience a boat tour that will give you a glimpse of wildlife thriving in their natural habitats.

A unique history lesson

From children to adults, The Manatee’s Intracoastal Cruise doesn’t just show you the best of nature but also offers you a window into the past, cruising by historic waterfront homes and sharing information about the community heritage. The Ponce De Leon Lighthouse, the tallest lighthouse in Florida, is yet another landmark that you will get to see and learn about.

Take in some extra sunshine

With the summer ending and everyone returning to school and their busy work schedules, it means more time indoors and less opportunities to soak up the sun. A Manatee boat tour is a perfect way to have some fun in the sun with your loved ones around you, enjoying an experience like none other.

Book your Daytona Beach boat tour now with The Manatee so that you can make lasting memories with your family before the summer ends!