Why We Are Thankful For Daytona Beach Boat Tours At This Time Of The Year

Although Daytona Beach boat tours are an exciting experience throughout the year, there is something special about this transitional period between fall and winter seasons that makes them even more delightful.

Families, friends, and individuals are always looking for ways to spend more time outdoors before the Holiday season approaches and the beautiful fall colors fade away. A Daytona Beach boat tour aboard The Manatee during these precious days is sure to relax, refresh and rejuvenate you for days to come!

Nature at its best

Just the way the summer months bring fun and thrills to Daytona Beach locals and visitors alike, the weeks between fall and winter bring their own exquisite features that’ll make you appreciate nature in a different way. The Sunshine State’s favorable weather and water temperature attracts wildlife from colder places which means you can have plenty of chances to see Manatees at play, migratory birds dotting the shore, sea turtles and many more species around the Daytona Beach area. Viewing these animals from aboard The Manatee while enjoying a relaxing cruise on the water is quite the way to appreciate nature around you.

Not too hot, not too cold

If you tend to feel too hot outdoors when the sun is at its summer best or you easily get cold when the winter months set it, the end of fall can be ideal time to enjoy a Daytona Beach river cruise. Don’t forget to keep an extra layer in case the crisp winds of this season get cooler while you are relaxing aboard The Manatee. For families looking to spend quality time outdoors, a boat tour can be a wonderful way to detach from your daily commitments and take in the calmness and beauty this season brings.

Call us now to book your boat tour aboard The Manatee and let’s enjoy the end of fall and beginning of the festive holiday season together!