4 Reasons Why You Need to Experience Daytona Beach Dolphin Tours

A boat tour in Daytona Beach is always an experience to get excited about – warm sunshine, pristine waters, great company, and a view you’ll remember for years to come. But for many visitors, the best part about these cruises isn’t the perfect weather or the relaxation being on a boat offers – it’s the opportunity to see dolphins up close or swimming into the horizon!

On an Indian River boat tour aboard The Manatee, you’ll not only get a chance to see hundreds of bird species and sea turtles but also get lucky enough to view dolphins swimming right beside your boat.

Looking forward to experiencing the sight of dolphins on your next Daytona Beach River Cruise? Here are a few fun facts to acquaint you a little more with these delightful creatures:

Dolphins Are Extremely Social Animals

Dolphins live and swim in groups that are known as pods and are known to be very social creatures. If you’ve ever experienced being up close to one, you might have thought they were trying to communicate with you. Dolphins produce sounds that are similar to squeaks and squawks while they are playing around – sometimes, it might even seem like you heard them whistle! But these sounds aren’t just meaningless chatter – dolphins rely on this communication with each other to find food and judge their distance from predators.

… And Quite Intelligent Too

Dolphins are known to be one of the smartest animals in the ocean and their intelligence is said to be at par with that of apes. Just like humans, dolphins can recognize themselves in front of a mirror and even while at play, they can demonstrate a fair level of understanding the behavior of other creatures in their surroundings.

They Have Great Eyesight and Hearing

Although they have no sense of smell, dolphins have an amazing ability to hear frequencies up to ten times more than what adult humans are capable of hearing. They rely on this sense of hearing for echolocation, which allows them to measure their distance from sources of food or potential danger. Their eyesight is also very advanced under the water as well as above the surface, so just as you may be spotting them from far away, they probably will be doing the same too!

They Look Forward to Seeing You

Did you know, dolphins can often be seen riding in the wake of a boat – yes, that means the chances of you viewing one up close while aboard The Manatee are quite good! They enjoy the Intracoastal Waterway and as your boat passes through the spots they like to frequent, you can have your camera ready to take a quick photo of them swimming by to say hello.

Book your Indian River boat tour with The Manatee as soon as your vacation plans finalize so that you don’t miss out on your chance to spot dolphins and dozens of other wildlife and sea creatures pass by as you relax onboard!