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4 Ways to Make an Impact on Earth Day and Beyond

Each year, thousands of people across the globe gather to celebrate Earth Day and honor the planet we call home. Now, there’s a growing movement to create daily habits that contribute to a better environment and brighter future.

Many people are surprised at how even little changes can make a huge impact over time. Others choose to embrace daily opportunities to help educate people about the importance of making earth-friendly choices. Here’s how you can celebrate Earth Day and keep an environmental focus all year round: 

1) Participate in Earth Day Events

Programs and events in honor of Earth Day are a great way to meet like-minded people and work together to discuss solutions to the long-term health of our planet. These forums are ready made for discussion on the most pressing environmental matters affecting local, national, and global regions today.

While there are many live events you can visit, outlets such as PBS, National Geographic, and others have planned televised broadcasts to mark the occasion. There are also many opportunities online to get involved and engaged in Earth Day conversations.

In addition, a donation is a great way to show your commitment to a healthier Earth. Supporting environmental organizations through monetary donations or volunteering demonstrates that you care on a personal level.

2) Get the Kids Involved

Children are naturally curious and thirst for knowledge. In addition, kids like to know when they’re being helpful. You can encourage this natural tendency by involving children in the planning of and participation in Earth Day activities.

It’s a fact that most kids love to play in the dirt. This is a great way to introduce children to gardening. You can also encourage children to find new uses for existing items. Tap into your child’s competitive streak by devising a novel family challenge, such as who can collect the most recyclable materials around the house (plastic bottles, cans, glass, newspaper, and more).

3) Practice Daily Vigilance

As mentioned, one of the most impactful ways to celebrate Earth Day is to keep the festivities going throughout the year. You’ve heard of the catchphrase “reuse, reduce, recycle.” In Florida, many communities have embraced recycling as a routine. Still, opportunities abound to capitalize on the other two aspects of environmental sustainability.

In addition to selecting products with minimal packaging and reusing items such as glass bottles, more Central Florida residents are now choosing to compost organic material rather than fill up trash bags. Many people also opt to transform yard waste into useful mulch rather than allowing it to rot in a landfill.

4) Re-Connect with Nature

Central Florida is a nature lover’s paradise, and nothing puts you more in tune with the natural beauty of the Sunshine State than up-close and personal encounters with the various wildlife that call this region home.

When you book a scenic boat tour with The Manatee, you get the opportunity to see a variety of interesting animals, brush up on local history, and simply enjoy a lasting memory with friends and family in the pleasant Florida sun.

With restrooms on board and a sundeck on which you can relax, our two-hour scenic cruise is the ideal way to celebrate Earth Day and honor the natural beauty of the planet. Browse our tour options and then contact us today to begin your memorable journey on the water.