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Experience Fall in Florida on The Manatee (and Beyond!)

Fall is finally upon us! Here in Florida, it may be hard to tell—but soon enough, the sure signs of the season will be here in classic Sunshine State style. Read on to see what makes fall in Florida so special, as well as a few ways to celebrate the season ahead on The Manatee and beyond. Take look.

Enjoy crisp fall weather

Florida may be known for having year-round boating weather—it’s a place where you can comfortably sport sandals and shorts during the vast majority of the year—but that isn’t to suggest that the Sunshine State is entirely without crisp fall weather! A gradual cool-down, coupled with lower humidity, means that you can enjoy the best, most comfortable fresh air the state has to offer, without needing a heavy winter coat or boots.

Bonus tip: Whether you’re visiting from out of state or are enjoying a local day out, layers are your friend! Bring along a light sweater to use on cool nights by the water and you’ll be ready for whatever adventure comes your way.

Spot new wildlife

In cooler climates, fall and winter mark the time of year when animals tend to hide away from the cold weather—or seek to escape it altogether. The place they escape to, of course, is the Sunshine State, where our warm, sunny weather offers a reprieve from the elements up north.

Florida is already filled with wildlife opportunities all year long, but keep your eyes peeled for even more animal encounters as the weather cools down. Many of them can be spotted from aboard The Manatee! These include beloved creatures like the manatee, a.k.a. the sea cow, which can be spotted in rivers and springs throughout Florida in greater numbers as they move to warmer water. You can also look up into the sky to spot familiar feathered faces as they make Florida “home” for the fall and winter months. “Snowbird” may be a nickname given to seasonal residents, but it also refers to the birds themselves! Birds like the white pelican, for example, will soon be spotted around Ponce Inlet’s waterways and all throughout the area’s warm, sunny landscape.

Discover another side of Florida’s outdoor scene

When many people think “Florida,” they think of sunbathing and hot, sunny days by the pool. These are, of course, Sunshine State staples! But there’s much more to Florida’s outdoor scene than meets the eye, especially during the fall months. The gentle breeze in the air and clear skies are easy to enjoy on a boat ride with The Manatee, for example. You can also experience the beach in a new way: Thinner crowds, plus milder weather, makes it a perfect place to kick back, relax and enjoy a picnic with family or enjoy a leisurely walk! Now is also a great time of go camping or grab a bite by the water. This is one of the best times of year to experience the great outdoors in Florida—and fortunately, there is no shortage of ways to do it!

Take part in fun fall events

In addition to exploring Florida’s natural escape, there are also plenty of activities to enjoy at this time of year. Florida may not have the most vibrant examples of red, orange and yellow fall foliage, but we make up for it in our love of fall-time traditions like pumpkin patches, corn mazes and more! Many events like these can be found in the Ponce Inlet area. You can also explore local farmer’s markets or take part in fall holiday events at local parks. Or throw your own! Fall is all about fun family traditions and togetherness, so why not charter your own Daytona Beach river cruise aboard The Manatee for seasonal fun the whole family can enjoy? It’s one of many great ways to embrace the season and all its autumnal glory with the ones you love.

Every fall, Florida comes alive with an abundance of outdoor activities to enjoy and new sights to see! Discover them for yourself aboard The Manatee and all throughout the Ponce Inlet area. We can’t wait to see you soon, and to help make this season a special one.