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Happy Holidays Aboard The Manatee!

The holiday season is officially here aboard The Manatee—and we’ve got plenty of ways to celebrate. Just read on to find your next exciting activity, and ideas on how to spend the season ahead with the people who matter most!

Give the gift of on-the-water fun

At this time of year, many of us are scrambling to find the perfect gifts for the loved ones on our list—but finding that “special something” might be easier than you think! A Manatee Cruise gift certificate is an effortless option that will deliver plenty of meaningful memories, laughs and unexpected encounters with the natural world around you. For kids or kids-at-heart, nature lovers or history buffs, a gift certificate to this one-of-a-kind outing is sure to please every kind of recipient. (Tip: For a fun way to present this meaningful gift, pair it with a manatee plush or handmade “sandglobe,” perfect for those who love lie by the water.)

Discover local treasures

In the spirit of gift-giving, why not search for local treasures during your day in Ponce Inlet? After disembarking from The Manatee, you can explore some of our local beaches for natural finds like sand dollars, stunning shells and more. Continue the fun with a day of exploring the nearby area—visit the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, grab a delicious seafood dinner at Down the Hatch or opt for an afternoon of surfing. Just be sure to pack your wetsuit!

Host your family on a chartered cruise

Hosting family for the holidays? Take a tour aboard The Manatee or, if you’ve got a large party and want a personalized experience, charter your own ride! Think of it as an on-the-water family reunion, a way for the whole crew to get together and experience the thrill and awe of nature together. It’s a meaningful experience you will be talking and laughing about long after you’re back on dry land.

See visiting wildlife

Now is a great time of year to see visiting wildlife as they make their way south for the winter! Keep an eye on the water for a chance to spot the majestic manatee (a.k.a. sea cow or gentle giant), and scan the horizon for snowbirds like white pelicans, piping plovers and many more feathered friends. No two cruises aboard The Manatee are alike, especially when the wildlife around us is changing every day!

Snap the perfect holiday card

Don’t forget to capture your day of fun aboard The Manatee with a photo! Turn it into your holiday card for a Sunshine State landscape that’s sure to warm the hearts of family and friends further north. You can also snap fun shots around town—some of our favorite ideas include sand “snowmen” on the beach or palm trees decked out in ornaments and festive flair.

We hope that these ideas help you enjoy your holiday season to the fullest! It always feels like a holiday when you’re cruising The Manatee, so hop aboard and spread some cheer. We look forward to seeing you soon.