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Get To Know More About Florida Manatees On Daytona Beach Boat Tours

The gentle giants of Florida’s waterways are friendly and graceful creatures that can leave any spectator mesmerized. They are commonly found swimming and rolling around the waterways of Florida and excite adults and children alike when one witnesses them playing about up close.

At The Manatee boat tours, we are quite familiar with how entertaining and heartwarming these delightful creatures can be and that’s why we make sure to give them the appreciation and care they require when crossing our paths during boat tours.

If you are curious to know more about these gentle giants and are looking forward to catching a glimpse of one on your next Daytona Beach boat tour, here are some facts that can help you get acquainted with them:

Where they can be found

Since manatees are known to gather around warm waterways to escape cold weather, there are plenty of spots in Florida – where the temperature of the water remains quite ideal all year round – where they can be found. Manatees can often be spotted around the springs of Central Florida as well as rivers and coastal estuaries, such as the Indian River.

Why they are loved

Along with being known as the gentle giants, Manatees are also referred to as sea cows, but they actually share a common ancestor with elephants. With their gray leathery skin, devotion towards their young and fondness of chowing down on aquatic plants, the link between elephants and manatees is hard to miss.

Why they are hard to miss

Along with their colossal size, manatees are also usually slow movers. They move around three to five miles per hour, taking their time and stopping to graze on some greens in their path. Watching them bob up out of the water is one of the most delightful sights to witness aboard The Manatee cruise!

Book your tour now and see and learn for yourself why Florida’s gentle giants are a must-see!