Welcome The New Year With A Relaxing Daytona Beach River Cruise

A new year celebration brings in yet another opportunity for us to spend meaningful time with our loved ones as we share memories of the year gone by and set new goals and aspirations for the months yet to come.

If you are looking for something fun, yet relaxing and refreshing for you and your family to do before everyone returns to their busy schedules, a trip to Daytona Beach might be the perfect idea! With vibrant arts and culture to take in, nature and scenic views to enjoy and delicious culinary treats to taste, Daytona Beach is an ideal location to visit as we head into the new year.

A Cruise to Cherish

The 25 mile stretch of Intracoastal waterway offers breathtaking views as well as a glance into abundant wildlife that can be witnessed all year round here. At The Manatee, our intracoastal cruise is known to attract visitors of all ages from all places because of the spectacular views it offers while you sit and relax with your loved ones.

An unmatched experience

As you safely cruise along the protected wetland and scenic mangrove shores of the Indian River, you can see nature up close as well as historic waterfront homes that offer you a window into the community heritage. From Manatees and dolphins to sea birds and turtles, the wildlife here will leave you marveling at the splendid nature around you.

Ideal surroundings 

As you watch the visiting wildlife that usually makes their way towards the south for the winter, you also get to see the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, that itself is a treasure trove of history and culture. Make sure to keep your camera handy because you will definitely want to hold on to these memories when you look back at how you started the year.

So, before the commitments of the year ahead start calling, contact us at The Manatee and book your tour now!