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Give the Gift of Adventure and Exploration

You may have heard about “experiential gifts.” Growing in popularity, this is where you present friends and loved ones with activities and/or memorable moments, rather than material items. Ideas to achieve this goal are varied, and can be easily tailored to each individual. Many people appreciate the novelty and excitement that goes along with this new gift-giving tradition.

Still, it can be difficult to predict whether your loved one will be fully on board with experiential gifts. When there’s doubt, it’s best to start with a few basic, tried-and-true gestures that are sure to put a smile on their face. Here are some of the most popular:

Creative Presents

Everyone has someone on their gift list who seems to have it all. No matter what idea you might come up with, they’ve already used that product, worn those clothes, read those books, and similar. You might think gift cards or homemade presents are your only option left, but that’s not necessarily the case.

Experiential giving doesn’t have to break the bank or feature some elaborate plan. Instead, something as simple as a relaxing two-hour cruise aboard The Manatee is enough to provide your loved ones with the unique gift they seek. Here, they’ll marvel at the majesty of Central Florida nature, as they witness native wildlife and vegetation up close.

Minimalist Memories

Some people simply don’t want any clutter laying around. So, giving them a material gift might cause stress or frustration. One of the common threads of most minimalists is the desire not to accumulate belongings. Thankfully, there are still novel ideas to satisfy these folks.

Since memories don’t take up any physical space, giving experiences is a great way to show your love and affection, while still respecting their lifestyle wishes. That includes a massage or spa day, class/course on one of their favorite topics, and similar. For the more adventurous person on your list, you might splurge for skydiving lessons, hot air balloon rides, a sailing excursion, or theme park passes.

When you book a relaxing two-hour cruise aboard The Manatee, your loved ones will be impressed by the spectacular views of nature as they unwind on the water. Best of all, the only thing remaining from the experience will be pleasant recollections and plans for a future tour.

Catering to the Connoisseur

Does your loved one love their morning coffee? Do they appreciate an afternoon indulgence of chocolate, cookies, and other sweets? Experiential gifts don’t have to be grand voyages or expensive excursions. Instead, the spirit of this option is based on providing the recipient with moments they can cherish and look back on forever.

The foodie in your life will appreciate a casual picnic featuring all the culinary creations they most love. If your loved one enjoys outdoor activities, why not schedule a day at a local recreational center? Here, everyone can have a blast playing sports and simply enjoying quality time spent together.

For the art and culture lover, you could get tickets to a local art show, make plans to attend a lecture, visit a local museum, and more. Your friend or relative will also get a peaceful and serene feeling during a sunset cruise on board The Manatee.

Natural Encounters

Nothing compares to the timeless joy of reconnecting with nature. Wellness experts say being outside benefits nearly every aspect of living, including mental, emotional, and physical health. So, when you give a gift that focuses on nature, you’re helping to improve your loved one’s quality of life.

The Manatee is Daytona’s first and only scenic tour boat. That alone is enough to strike a positive chord with the experiential gift lover on your list. On board, you and your loved one will enjoy snacks and beverages, a spacious sundeck, and clean restrooms. This ensures a safe and comfortable two-hour tour.

Whether you choose a daytime cruise or the more intimate sunset gathering, you’ll see native wildlife and vegetation up close. That includes dolphins, manatees, sandhill cranes, all types of fish, spectacular Florida plants and flowers, and much more. Contact us today to book your tour on board The Manatee, and give your loved one the gift of an experience they’ll never forget.