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Top 4 Places to See Wildlife in Central Florida

You don’t have to go far to experience Central Florida nature. See how amazing views and photo opportunities are closer than you think.

Known throughout the country and even the world as a top spot for viewing wildlife in their natural habitats, Florida (and specifically the Central region) has delighted countless visitors and locals for years. Now, you can help friends and loved ones gain positive experiences they’ll never forget.

Along with world-class attractions and theme parks, Central Florida is home to many natural areas. Here’s where you can safely get up close and personal with wildlife and vegetation that you might not see anywhere else. The following are some of the most popular natural areas in the region:

1) Beach and Waterways

When you’re looking for things to do in Daytona Beach, you might have the ocean on the top of your list. Along with swimming, fishing, and just relaxing by the shore, you’ll also get a chance to see marine life such as dolphins, sharks, a variety of fish, and many birds.

Keep in mind that the Indian River is close by. In fact, Daytona Beach boat tours are an ideal family-friendly way to maximize enjoyment in the area. Here’s where you view wildlife from the comfort of your seat. On board The Manatee, you’ll also enjoy amenities such as a spacious sun deck, accessible restrooms, and snacks and beverages available.

2) Zoos and Safaris

We’re lucky in Central Florida to have many options when it comes to safely viewing wild animals. Zoos and drive-through safaris offer a thrill that will stick with you and your loved ones for a lifetime. However, these attractions often present unique challenges, including getting to the destination, and having to navigate through crowds.

By contrast, when you book at two-hour boat tour in Daytona Beach, you can rest assured that the hard work is done. So, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy a fine afternoon on the water, as you view native wildlife and vegetation right from the safety and comfort of your own seat.

3) Your Own Backyard

Some Daytona Beach attractions are closer than you think. In fact, you can often get a nice view of nature just outside your door. If you’re just visiting or live in a more urban setting, it’s easy to satisfy your interest in nature by securing your spot on an Indian River boat tour. Just imagine the thrill of seeing a dolphin jumping from the water right in front of you! There are many other special opportunities that might also occur.

Many long-time Central Florida residents are unaware of the ‘hidden gem’ attractions nearby. For years, The Manatee has provided fantastic outings and experiences for locals and tourists alike. Best of all, it’s simple and straight-forward to practice health guidelines on your Daytona river cruise.

4) Relaxing River Cruises

There’s just something about being on the water that makes you feel free and content. Breathing in the fresh air, feeling the sun on your face, and logging precious memories with friends and loved ones is a favorite pastime. Now, you can have that experience in several different ways.

The Manatee offers three distinct cruise options, so you’ll never have the same trip twice. Known as the best outlet for Daytona Beach dolphin tours, you’ll see a variety of native wildlife and vegetation on board our safe and comfortable vessels.

Plus, our spacious sun deck, clean restrooms, and snacks and beverages on board make it easy to really relax and unwind on your vacation or staycation. Browse our website to see actual photos from past excursions. Then, contact us today to book a tour of your own.