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4 Reasons to Try a Boat Tour in Daytona Beach This Spring

Winter is coming to a close, and we all know what that means for boat tours in Florida – it’s time to get back on the water! The average person spends more time indoors during the winter, even in Florida where our winters are mostly moderate. Now that the sun is shining quite a bit more, there are plenty of reasons to try a boat tour in Daytona Beach this spring season – or go back for more!

Replenish Your Vitamin D Levels

Soaking up direct sunlight is one of the best ways to fill up on precious vitamin D. However, winter days are shorter, and the sun isn’t out for as long. This makes it harder for people to get as much vitamin D as they need. Now that spring is just around the corner, it’s time to get outside and get some sun! Vitamin D is essential for bone growth, cell growth, and inflammation reduction. Plus, all that sunshine will boost your mood, too!

Get Up Close & Personal with Nature

As temperatures warm up, flora and fauna start to come out of their wintry shell in droves. Taking boat tours in Daytona Beach is one of the best ways to catch glimpses of Florida wildlife as they wake up for spring. Getting outside is one of the best ways to catch nature in this cross-season transition, and there’s no better way to see it as close as from the deck of The Manatee – your leading Daytona Beach river cruise!

Make Family Time in New Ways

There are only so many ways to spend time with loved ones while you’re indoors for so much of winter. Games, television, crafts – the list goes on. But, have you been itching to try something new? Your answer has arrived, and it starts with boat tours and ends with Daytona Beach! That’s right, there is no better way to explore something new with your family than by taking a ride aboard Daytona Beach sightseeing tours.

It’s Good for the Body & Mind

Spending time outdoors is a cycle that feeds into itself. As you get out there and feel the warmth of spring, you will almost always feel motivated to do it even more! Plus, spending time outside will certainly promote lower pulse rates, lower blood pressure, and even greater parasympathetic nerve activity. With all these great health benefits behind you, all it takes is one ride aboard a Daytona Beach river cruise to understand that you’ll be back for more!

Now that you know these 4 reasons to spend more time outside this spring, why not spend your time with us at The Manatee? Not only will you get to reap all these benefits, but you will also get to see all the precious wildlife that we cherish so much here in Daytona Beach. Get started by giving us a call today!