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Which Florida Animals Come Out in Spring?

Now that spring has fully sprung in Florida, there are some beautiful wildlife on the move that we aren’t typically able to see until winter has drawn to a close. The Manatee is well acquainted with many of the incredible animals that share our corner of Florida with us. Now, we’re excited to introduce you! Continue reading to learn a bit about some of the awesome creatures that are soaking up some sun this spring.


As our name suggests, we know a lot about manatees at The Manatee scenic Daytona Beach boat tour! These wonderful creatures tend to migrate from their wintry shelters once the weather heats up. Keep your eyes peeled and you may even see some lurking in the shallow waters of the Intracoastal Waterway! Florida protects its manatee population by enforcing speed limits for boats traveling through water inhabited by manatees.


Florida is practically synonymous with alligators. After all, these proud reptiles represent the University of Florida as its mascot. Once spring is in full swing, alligators can be seen in greater numbers prowling around freshwater lakes, slow-moving rivers, and wetlands all across the state. This is because as they hunt for food, it is easier to catch a glimpse of them. If you experience any situations with an alligator that gets too close, call your local alligator hotline immediately.

Nesting Birds

In the spring season, many of Florida’s nesting birds will create nests in inconspicuous locations and try to hatch their eggs. It’s important to keep your distance from these birds, as any disturbances can cause them to flee their nests and disrupt their hatching cycle. Nesting birds and their eggs will often be camouflaged by their surroundings, so it is crucial to remain vigilant wherever you go.

Sea Turtles

Sea turtle nesting season is a sight to behold, and there’s no better place to witness it than Florida. It begins in March and continues all the way until October – taking over half of the year! Much like nesting birds, sea turtle nests must be protected. Things like artificial lighting can disturb a sea turtle’s nest and disorient hatchlings as they come into the world. Avoid using flashlights, cellphones, or other disturbances while around sea turtle nesting sites.

It is illegal to disturb or harm wildlife in Florida. Besides, we consider ourselves very fortunate to be surrounded by so many incredible creatures, which is why having awareness of the animals that come out in spring is paramount to a happy ecosystem. When you come aboard a Daytona Beach boat tour like The Manatee, you are almost certain to see many of these wonderful animals!