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5 Popular Spots to See Manatees in Florida

Manatees, the gentle giants of the sea, are no doubt a delight to watch whether you witness them for the first time or tenth! Often found swimming and playing around the waterways of Florida, these creatures continue to draw crowds who are thrilled to witness them cuddling up in the

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Learn Why Boat Tours Are Good for Your Health

Being out in the water – whether you are on a boat, snorkeling in shallow waters or diving in the deep sea – has numerous benefits for your health and overall wellness. The sight and sound of water is known to bring an unmatched calmness to our minds and bodies.

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5 Ways That Manatees are Important to Our Ecosystem

Known as the gentle giants of the sea, manatees are not just fascinating to watch but also happen to be an essential part of our ecosystem. Although they are quite large and may seem intimidating, they pose no threat to other animals and mostly keep to themselves. Their importance to

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